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There seem to be a million pop up museums to choose from these days. Happy Place came through Chicago recently, and I think I’ll make an effort to check out The Color Factory if it ever comes to town. I think wndr museum is something I would have overlooked except my friend Stacey sent me an Instagram post from Lucy Knisley (one of our favorite graphic novelists – well, one of Stacey’s favorite. LK might be my favorite, period) hanging out there. Since Stacey lives in NY, I had to find another local friend to tag along with me (I thought it might not quite be up The Hubs’ alley). So I dragged C with me –

This is us a block or two from the wndr museum. Look how thrilled she looks! LOL.

Anyway, enough babbling. Here are a few pictures from inside (she still looks thrilled, eh?):

We’ll start with The Infinity Room (even though this was the last exhibit of the whole experience) by Yayoi Kusama:
Oh just a heads up – no shoes are allowed in the room (hopefully, you’ll come better prepared than yours truly).

Ok, onwards….
The ceiling in one of the rooms.


Saw this employee. Had to take his picture. I think this is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken this year.

Was a fun experience. Would do it again. And if you want to see more pictures, check out wndr museum’s Instagram page.

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