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When with Roma….

Meet Roma.

portrait photography diana nguyen

I had reached out to her in mid-January as she was interested in working with photographers to build up her portfolio. And of course, we picked a cold day to meet at Montrose Harbor. 😉 Brrrrrr…..

It was fun walking along the shore, shooting and getting to know each other, which I never realized would be the added benefit to doing portrait photography. I really like how it worked out that way.

portrait of Roma taken by Diana Nguyen

portrait of Roma by Diana Nguyen, Montrose Harbor portrait of Roma by Diana Nguyen, Montrose Harbor

While Roma was fun to shoot, I was fascinated with the amount of seagulls flying around us. But I was really fascinated when I saw a trio of people pull a large bag of bread. I thought they’d take their time distributing it. But no. The guy in the group took the bag and went to town:

man feeds bread to seagulls
And friends, this is how to get 100 seagulls to flock to you!

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