What I’m Reading Lately: Cookbooks

Cookbooks I'm reading this month

I’m a bit in a cookbook craze right now, which I attribute to the kitchen-in-development. Although maybe I shouldn’t even blame it on that as I do tend tend to keep one or two cookbooks on my nightstand.

cookbooks in my kitchen

The cookbooks you see here were the random ones I picked up up when I was at the library with a 19-month-old in tow (so it was very much a quick-and-pick while he was trying to pull everything off the shelves). Of these books, Christina Tosi’s was the first one I flipped through as I’ve wanted to to visit Momofuku Milk Bar for a gazillion years now. (Leyla tells me I missed my chance this past summer when the bakery had a food booth at Lollapolooza. Hmphf.) I made the crack pie after seeing the recipe in Bon Appetit a few years ago – I just threw away the large bag of the nonfat dry milk powder, which I only used 2 tablespoons of (for the two times I made the pie). Always good to have 6 year old “milk” laying around, eh? 😉 But anyway, looking through the cookbook opened my eyes to the vast selection of things that need to be baked. I was especially mesmerized by the “naked cakes” (the bakery doesn’t frost the sides). I love how exposed and beautiful the cakes are. One of these days, I’ll get around to trying one of these cake recipes, but I want to make sure there will be people around so that I don’t end up eating the whole thing myself. (It could happen!)

Two other books I’ve been able to look through were written by Nigella Lawson. After spending the last couple of nights looking through the books, I think she may have replaced my current girl crush. But hey, there is plenty of room in my life for women to admire. Anyway, Nigella has a recipe for matcha latte in Simply Nigella and called for an AeroLatte*, which I promptly purchased. On Saturday morning, I made myself a matcha latte…and when I finished that, I made myself another one. Yum. Thanks for the idea, Nigella! Now I’ll have to try one of her actual food recipes.

Moving on: I’m not quite sure why I picked up Gwenyth’s book. I like her just fine (no hate here), but I’m not sure we have the same diet (from my understanding, she eats clean. And I….um….er… do not maintain such a level of perfection with my eating habits). However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of recipes that could be appreciated by any food lover (there are pasta recipes!). I would definitely try a few of them out either for the family or when we have company over to the house.

I have yet to thoroughly go through Bar Tartine, but it looks like it’ll be a fun one to browse.

So yes, I have a lot of inspiration to work with right now and am not quite sure what I’ll try making first. But I’m looking forward to creating more meals that do not involved a microwave or crock pot (which has been the case since the kitchen remodel started in July) in the new kitchen. For the record, spaghetti can technically be cooked in a crock pot, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re in a jam. So proceed at your own risk.

Oh, and the wooden spoon in front of the cookbooks was a gift my husband gave to me a few years ago.

Personalized wooden spoon
For the territorial home cook 🙂

If you’re looking for a gift for a home chef, this is perfect. They’ll love it. I promise.

In any case, are you familiar with any of these cookbooks? What should I make first? And what other cookbooks should I check out?

*Over the weekend, I made a follow-up purchase of a milk frothing pitcher so essentially I’m equipped to be a poor man’s Starbucks. 

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