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Weekend Recap [in photos]

We work very hard to have low key weekends around here – it helps us to regroup as a family and more importantly, it’s good for our sanity. 🙂 It started with an egg breakfast on Saturday morning (scrambled for The Girl and me and sunny side up for the other two).

The Girl eating breakfast

After breakfast, I gave the kids slices of watermelon while I put dishes away. I looked up at one point to find The Kid trying to share his watermelon with his sister:


He’s doing pretty good with the sharing things these days. She – yeah, not so much. LOL.

After breakfast, we went to a fire station open house near us.


They loved hanging in the driver seat.

They didn’t like posing for me so much though.

The Hubs and The Kid looking like they’re having a moment. In reality, they were arguing. 😉

Later that night, the four of us went to Salsa 17 with The Hubs’ BFF. It was such a busy night that I didn’t get too many pictures. But I’ll share one:

Salsa 17
This is the salsa recipe I’m trying to chase. I can’t figure it out completely yet, but this recipe from Cookie and Kate is pretty close. (I’ve made it 3 or 4 times now when people come over for dinner – each time, someone has commented about how good the salsa is.)

The food was awesome at Salsa 17 – as was the one mojito I had. I was tempted to order a second, but the kids kept me busy all night. The Kid had to go to the bathroom twice. The first time, he did his thing and flushed the toilet. The flush was pretty loud that he screamed. The second time, he was prepared for the noise. So much so that after he flushed the toilet, he dived under the locked door to bolt out of the stall. Screaming, of course.

And The Girl….

Oh man, she was was overstimulated in the restaurant, so I took her outside to see if it helped. It did. I came back inside to see The Hubs’ BFF sitting alone at the table. “After you went outside, The Kid ran down the aisle and into the kitchen,” he said.


When The Hubs returned with The Kid, I took both of my sweet angel children outside.

That helped a lot.

The Hubs said he’s never going out to eat with the kids again. LOL. (I don’t know why I’m laughing because I’m pretty sure he’s serious.)

Sunday involved Domesticated Fun. I cooked. The Kid helped me make won tons – some of which we had for lunch and the rest we froze.

His and mine. 😉

And then, I watched the two kids eating lunch quietly as The Hubs researched bay window options (we’re getting one in the kitchen – yay!). It was a nice Sunday.


Actually, was a pretty good weekend.

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