Weekend Recap: City Hall Wedding, Etc.

Chicago city hall wedding ceremony

I pretty much became a hermit in mid-July when my husband started remodeling our kitchen. While he was busy working to turn our 1960s-looking kitchen into something more updated, someone (me) had to be around to witness the construction shenanigans watch the kid. While we are not done with it yet, we are closer to the end than the beginning. (Yay.) And coincidentally, a few friends started reaching out last week with reasons to abandon the self-imposed seclusion.

[BIG!] REASON #1: A Wedding

Weddings are lovely. And they’re even more lovely when the invitation comes through via text from one of your favorite people.

Groom before city hall wedding Chicago
No pre-wedding jitters here.

On Saturday morning, I had a waffle breakfast (best & easiest waffle recipe by the way) with the family before leaving the house. (I flew solo for this.) I arrived at City Hall a few minutes before 9AM. I stood in front of the Clark Street entrance for a minute before I looked up and saw Santi walk up with his husband-to-be Gustavo. A few minutes later, there was a collection of people there for Santi and Gustavo. Since the Clark Street entrance was closed, we made our way toward the Randolph Street entrance. More of their friends and family started gathering. Since City Hall is a busy place on Saturday morning, most of us stood outside waiting being entertained by the helicopter loading and unloading big items on top of some building down the street.

Helicopter in downtown Chicago
This is normal, right? 😉

About an hour later, we went downstairs to the Marriage Court.

Saturday morning at City Hall Marriage Court
It’s almost Go Time!

There must have been about 30 of us in Santi’s party….and the judge allowed us all in his room. (“This is probably the biggest group I’ll have in here today!“) The ceremony was uber-short but just as sweet and certainly just as perfect.

Chicago city hall wedding
So perfect.

My heart exploded and I may have teared up a bit. This was such a beautiful morning and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way.

Just married.
Just married.
Love wins <3

Reason #2: Random pop in

My friend Elina was in the area on Saturday afternoon and popped in for a few minutes before heading back into the city with her husband, mother-in-law and 4.5 month year old daughter (full house!) in tow. If you need anyone to tell you about the disaster that is my house, you can certainly ask her. (“Oh, now I get what you guys have been doing all summer.“) I haven’t seen her since the beginning of the summer, so I was happy to see her for the short period I got with her. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures while they were here. But hey a bonus: between her family and my husband I learned the word for prison in Russian (pronounced “tyor-na”). Ha ha. I should mention that Elina, her family and my husband are all Russian…which should be a motivation for me to start picking up the language a little faster than I have been in the last decade (which is how long I’ve been with my husband). I average about 2 new words a year at this point. Nyet harasho. [Not good.] Oh well, not like I’m going to tyor-na. He he.

Reason #3: Greek Fest

Okay, so this wasn’t really a social outing, but I saw a sign for a Greekfest at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Glenview. Since my kitchen was short a few appliances (The Hubs did get the oven and stove in over the weekend though, so yay!!!), I thought picking up food there sounded like a lovely idea. And it was.

Greek dinner spread
Saturday night dinner.

I didn’t take any pictures while I was at Greekfest, but adding this stop to a busy day reminded me that I need to get out and explore more. Especially if it involves good food. [Random: the rice that came with the meal was AWESOME.]

Reason #4: A 5th birthday party

Carol is my oldest friend – I met her when I was 11 years old even though our parents knew each other prior. (If I’m not mistaken, our moms met and were in the same refuge camp after escaping Vietnam.)

A lovely picture of Carol with my son, no?
A lovely picture of Carol with my son, no? Ha ha ha ha.

When Carol and I met, I was 11 and she was 13. We were playing a game of tag when she ran into the restroom at the clubhouse we were at to hide in one of the stalls. I followed her into the bathroom and stood on the toilet in the stall next to the one she snuck into. “Hi!” I said from the top. She looked up, totally surprised to see me. And then my 11-year-old self spit on her. Yup, true story. Somewhere along the way, she forgave me, we became friends and then decades later, she allowed me at her daughter’s 5th birthday party. Whew. 😉

And that was my weekend, which I guess was my attempt at making up for lost time. I still have to play each weekend by ear. But I’m so happy that I’m starting to claw my way back into having a social life because being a hermit stinks. 😉 #notanintrovert

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