Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

The first thing we did when we arrived in New York was….to go to our Airbnb to drop off our things. The second thing? Walk to Roberta’s for lunch. (The pizza here is fantastic. I’ll share a post on this place later.) After that? Well, we did the right thing and had an Uber take us to The Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn-bridge-signBy the time we arrived, it was 4PM on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. So as you can guess, it was CROWDED, and I didn’t get any shots that even closely resembled this. We’ll try to come early next time. 😉 One tip though: if you like biking, I wouldn’t try to ride this bridge on a beautiful weekend afternoon. You’re just going to get mad at the pedestrians in your way, even though there is a dedicated bike lane. (Sorry, NYC bikers! I know I upset more than one of you.)


Have I mentioned how contagious the NYC energy is? My kid caught it within the first few hours. (As did the woman who photobombed this pic apparently, lol.)


I tried my best to vlog during this trip, but I didn’t do a great job and only managed to get it done twice – this was one of the occasions:

P.S. I’m super duper slow on blogging our time in NYC. If you want a jump start instead of waiting for me, go to Jessica’s site. She wrote about our time here, here, here and here. (She’s a million times faster than I am – and definitely more detailed!)

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