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Travel Photo Books: What To Include?

I finally finished the Pacific Coast Highway photo book last week. About time! So obviously, I’m feeling like I’ve become somewhat of a pro in travel photo books. (Ha!) I mentioned in a previous post, I had taken about 2500+ pictures during our weeklong trip (because I’m that photographer). How did I whittle that down to 200 pictures to fit in a 136-page book? Here are a few things I took into consideration:

I included images that….

I was proud of

Angry cows in Utah
Aside from my dog, I don’t shoot too many animals. So when we saw these ladies, I asked my husband to pull over (this was somewhere outside of Salt Lake City). To say that they were not happy to see me is an understatement. I nearly crapped in my pants, but I was so happy with how it turned out. (It was the first picture on our trip that made me go, “Yes! YES. YES!!!!”)

Brings back fond memories

Family portrait in Utah
Another random stop in Utah. I liked the scenery and how quiet the road was. I was 16-weeks pregnant and thought I would use this picture as some sort of Facebook announcement (“There are four of us in the picture!”), but I chickened out. (I did share the picture, but without the announcement.)
Prada Marfa
I saw a sign for “Marfa” while we were headed home and it immediately clicked that the Prada Marfa installation was (miles) down the exit. It was a 40-minute detour, but we took it. This is one of my favorite pictures of the three of us ever.

Is a place that I’d be happy to revisit and see over (and over) again

Giada enjoying a little taste of San Francisco
San Francisco – need I say more?

Triggers some sort of emotion

Salvation Mountain
We are not a religious family, but something about being at Salvation Mountain was moving and spiritual. And with this being our last stop as we left California, I knew that next time we returned that there’d be another family member with us.

I just felt like including…no other reason (it is my photo book after all!)

Giada the Saint Bernard in Berkeley
I can’t get enough pictures of Giada. 🙂

On the flip side, I excluded pictures from the book when:

I had no reason to add them other than feeling like I had to include them.

Big Sur
I did include this picture along PCH. But I must have taken about 1,000,000 images along the coast – all of which I considered adding to the photo book. But I decided to be selective and added the pictures that highlighted the areas we saw.

They fit the “embarrassing images” category. [If you think I’m showing you an example here, you’re crazy.]

I didn’t feel feel like I needed to share with others (e.g. my pregnancy bump pictures. But who wants to see those pictures anyway?). While your photo book is personal, people will (want to) see it. Keep that in mind before including pictures that you don’t want others to see.

What about you? What would you include or exclude from your travel photo book?

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