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Just thought I’d do a light memory card dump and share a few images from this past week.

I took this picture of The Girl on Monday morning. I think she was trying to eat her breakfast when I decided to take a picture of her (and the runny nose that I didn’t realize she had).This was her it’s-too-early-for-this look, lol.

This was us at the doctor’s office the next night. Her daycare had a little nasty thing going around (Hand,Foot and Mouth Disease, ewwwww). Kept her out of school the rest of the week. The Kid subsequently got it. So it’s been a bit of balance, juggling and stress trying to figure out alternative child care. I’m playing it cool, but I am so super duper frustrated. The Hubs, unfortunately, drew the short straw and stayed home with the kids so he’s equally frustrated. We’re not sure who to target our frustrations toward though, so it’s a lot of “This is the grossest virus ever….WHY???!!!???” (We’re experiencing confusing times around here.) We both know we’re not thrilled with the idea of not going into the office, but the end of this whole HFMD is near. (I feel it!) The Girl will probably be back at school tomorrow. I’m holding our breath that The Kid is ready….

Speaking of, he was 1000% easier to get to the doctor’s office. He cooperated and played nicely, so what more could I want?

This was him kicking it with some YouTube toy review while we were in the waiting area.

And surprise surprise, we left the doctor’s with a HFMD diagnosis for him. We kept him quarantined at home for the weekend, which he didn’t seem to mind because STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES:



My friend Nycole told me I should try to get him on Master Chef Jr, which wouldn’t be a bad idea except he’s three and doesn’t know how to make anything on his own except an Eggo waffle (even then…). Weird thing is that he woke up this morning requesting scrambled eggs. He went to the fridge and pulled out the butter & eggs and kinda did it himself (I had to help with the grown up stuff like turning on the stove). That would be awesome if started cooking meals (before his 4th birthday, ha).

It wouldn’t hurt if he was into doing dishes too. 😉

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