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Last Friday, my college roommate passed away. She had spent the last 16 years with an MS diagnosis, and while I continue to grieve, I take solace in knowing that she’s at peace. Needless to say, I’ve been in a fog for the past week. I’ve been trying to fight it by keeping my head occupied, which also helps as having quiet time tends to make the tears start up (i.e. every night as I fall asleep….even now as I type this). I’m pretty sure her family is feeling the same way with 10000x more intensity – they were holding up extraordinary well over the weekend. (I always told people that her mom deserves sainthood. I’m more convinced of that now than ever before.) I know that they were thinking how we all felt: that Chris didn’t deserve this. No one does.

Rest in peace, Chris. You are so very missed.

If you have the means, consider donating to the National MS Society or take part in their annual walk in May.


A few pictures from the week:

Breakfast with a lurker.

The Girl in the wake of her mess. (Her brother is hiding from her.)

The Kid & I made a mini gingerbread house earlier in the week. Even though it’s from a kit, we clearly need more practice doing one of these. I decided to take a picture of this mess of a house when Giada nonchalantly made her way into the picture, pretending to offer moral support…but of course, wanting to eat everything that was sitting between us. LOL.

More Giada.

Giada and I take daily walks, but with how things are going (I’m also referring to the dip in temperature), I owe Giada about 6 walks. I also owe it to myself to set up these shots better. 😉

And just because this post deserves a little chuckle….

Whenever the kids do something bad, my husband and I will usually tell them to stop the offense or there will be a time out. When they continue to do that something bad, my brother – if he’s around – will egg them on and say, “Yes, show your parents who’s boss. DOMINATE.” So here’s the shirt I “designed” for the family for Christmas:


I say “designed” because there is some serious clip art action going on there, lol. I can’t wait to see the final product.

Happy Weekend, everyone. 🙂

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