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The Pho Cookbook

The Pho Cookbook by Andrea Nguyen

Not a secret: Andrea Nguyen is my guru for all things related to Vietnamese cuisine. I often refer to her book Into the Vietnamese Kitchen when making traditional, everyday Vietnamese food (i.e. entrees and sauces that go with rice or noodles). While that book covers pho, her latest book The Pho Cookbook really covers pho. If you’re a pho fan, you’ll definitely appreciate the book. A few weeks ago, I made her pho ga (chicken pho) recipe. For those who haven’t made pho yet, I’ll just say that it’s NOT an intimidating process BUT it is freakin’ time consuming! Totally worth it though. And if you have leftover broth (ha), you can throw it in the freezer and have it on hand for the next time a craving hits you.

Here’s the bowl that came out of my kitchen:

pho ga
Andrea’s pho recipe is solid

Like the yellow background? It might be an acquired taste, but I’m digging it. It’s much more interesting than a plain old white background…and I’m not sure if pink (which I also have a roll of) is really something that goes with any food other than dessert. (I could be wrong on that.) One of these days, I’ll pull out the pink paper and experiment with it more. For now though, how about a stop motion of The Pho Cookbook? 🙂

The Pho Cookbook stop motion

I also did a vlog that covered the process of this stop motion.

I really enjoy vlogging and have been shooting with my point and shoot since it 1) has video recording capabilities and 2) auto focuses. I tried using my regular DSLR, but it doesn’t have auto focus and unfortunately, it doesn’t have a flip screen where I can see if I’m in focus or not. I’m going to try it again since it’s my constant sidekick (and the battery on the point & shoot has a short life). Hopefully, putting a 24 mm lens on it (have I mentioned that I haven’t figured out how to take selies with a 50 mm?) and using the back-button focus will help. All this babbling is just me saying that I like vlogging and I’m going to keep going with it. 🙂

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