The Kid Takes Pictures

The other morning, I took a picture of The Kid while he was relaxing on two of his stools (yeah, I don’t get it either):

As soon as I snapped this, he sat up and asked if he could take a picture. I hesitated because he’s a little um, careless with things. (He is three, after all.) And he’s a terrible listener on top of it, so the probability that he would go rogue with my camera – and drop it afterwards – was high. But then, I thought about the point and shoot camera sitting on top of my bookcase. “Hold on one minute – Mama is going to let you use the blue camera,”I said. “Oh, the blue camera???!!!! YEAH!” he replied. (For the record, he just repeats answers and gets excited for them even if he doesn’t know what I’m talking about, such as this case). So I gave him the camera. Tried (remember, he’s a terrible listener) to tell him how to take a picture and not to cover the lens.

Anyway, his sister was his first subject:

This is the actual picture he took:

Doesn’t she look thrilled? Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

He turned and took a picture of me:

The picture he took:

Like I said, I **tried** to tell him not to cover the lens
Like I said, I **tried** to tell him not to cover the lens

But then he said, “Mama, sit down on the bench. Put down your camera.” A photographer giving out directions – who am I to argue? The photo:

Not bad. I’d like to tell you he took 10000 more pictures, but he got tired of it soon after. We’ll see how much he gets into photography later down the line, if at all!

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