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What’s up with the long wait when you’re at the pediatrician? We’re always about 10-15 minutes early for our checkup time and probably only clock in a total of 15 minutes of face time with both the nurse and doctor….yet it ends up being a 90 minute ordeal. I thought it was just our doctor (who I do like, by the way), but apparently other people have told me visits to see their pediatrician could take a long time, especially during the sick season.


The Kid usually sits on my iPhone while we’re waiting for someone (anyone!) to enter the room. In this case, he didn’t actually care since he kinda realized the doctor visit was for his sister….and because he had a stream of continuous YouTube videos. But I got bored, so I took it upon myself to turn off the light to take advantage of my ISO 5000 setting.

iphone screen glow on kid
Right before I clicked away, he looked up and gave me this look like “WTF is the light off?” and then quickly went back to the video

Then, I turned on the timer to take this stellar family portrait:

The wait at the doctor's office

(Seriously, I need to include The Husband in more of these “family pictures”.)

And oh yeah, the bottle of alcohol because why not?

Alcohol at the doctor's office

Yeah, that’s pretty much it from the doctor’s office this week. Next time, I’ll make sure it’s a full blown photo shoot* with colored back drops, props and studio lighting. That’ll tell you how long the appointment is, ha ha.

By the way, it snowed this week. Seeing The Little One fascinated with it gave me warm fuzzies.

baby looking at snow

That’s it from my corner this week. I hope you have a great weekend. Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

*I’m kidding by the way. I think.

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