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The City

Recently, my oldest friend (in time, not in age) celebrated her 40th birthday. :-O She wanted to do a big girls trip, but knowing that some of us (er, me) had young kids, that was a little bit of a hard sell. Somehow it evolved into a staycation in Chicago. Yes! I’m in. So Saturday afternoon, I drove into the city and had a rare (these days) night on the town with a few lovely girls.

We started off at The Peninsula for afternoon tea.


Those sandwiches are filling, so if you have a steak dinner following, I wouldn’t suggest not stuffing your face with so many sandwiches. (Easier said than done.)


And what do you know? We had dinner reservations at RPM steak house where the water mentioned that he could do family style. (For our stuffed bellies, we were all about this.) Read more about it here.

Because then we went to Apogee for drinks. Prosecco pops – that’s where it’s at.

Cinemagraph at Apogee Bar Chicago

Not a bad view at all!

cinemagraph Chicago traffic at night

We crashed at the Dana Hotel. I ended up in a room with two girls who were leaving early (5AM!) the next morning – one was catching a flight and the other one was driving her to the airport. (That’s a good friend, by the way!). So I ended up alone in the room on Sunday morning. Best. Morning. Ever. I took my time getting ready with a little Bravo in the background. It was pretty awesome.

cinemagraph jumping on bed at Dana Hotel Chicago


cinemagraph Dana Hotel

And then it was time to get back to my non-Bravo reality. 😉

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