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Sunday, March 25 [a photo diary]

Do you know that I carry a camera on me 80% of the time? I mean, not literally but I always (well, 80% of the time) have one within reach. When I’m home, there are two cameras I reach for – Walter and Daphne. And Daphne goes into my purse when I leave the house. Doesn’t matter if I’m going to work, the grocery store, to pick up the kids….she’s most likely with me. So surprise surprise, she accompanied me on Sunday when I headed up to the north shore to meet up with a client. When I was driving back home, I pulled over to take a shot of my favorite temple in the Chicago area –

bahai temple

Then, I took a random picture of Lake Street on my way home –

There was no good reason for taking this picture, but the night before we had my high school friend over with her family. We were talking about where we’d like to ideally live in the Chicago area. I mentioned downtown Arlington Heights or a lakefront property in the north shore (like Wilmette). “Do you think you’re a north shore person?” my (alleged) friend asked. (LOL.) I was like, “For a lake front property, I totally am a north shore person!” The Husband chimed in with, “We’d be like The Beverly Hillbillies!” Ha ha, that isn’t far from the truth. As I was driving home Sunday morning, I soaked in all the beautiful homes along this tree lined street (and if you know this area, you know my picture isn’t doing this area one ounce of justice) and for sure – lakefront property or not – I think I could easily be a north shore person. 🙂

And this is for all the Ramblers fans –
Go Loyola
Spotted at the Glenview Dairy Queen.

When I got home, it was almost lunchtime. So I asked the family if everyone wanted to go “to church” (aka Mitsuwa for Sunday lunch). “YES. UDON!!!!!!!! And tempuuuuuuuuurrrrrrraaaaaaa.” The Kid replied.
This is The Kid & me in the car.

We went a little later than we normally do, so finding a table took longer than usual. But we got one and had our Sunday udon, tempura & sushi meal.
baby eating udon
She likes what she likes!

We came home and put the kids down for a nap. The Hubs went to watch TV and get some work done while I took Giada on a much needed walk.

I was cold. She was sniffing around.
I was cold. She was sniffing around.

When we arrived home, I finished Ugly Delicious (best food documentary I’ve watched all year and I totally respect David Chang for creating this dialog about food and it makes us understand each other a little better….or does it? He’s still making me think about that one…). The kids woke up and I don’t even remember the rest of the day, but I guess I did capture one last shot of The Girl playing around on our kitchen floor.


This was fun. Who else feels like doing a photo diary blog post? I’ll totally read it!

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