Studio Fun with Mara

Model Mara Lynne photographed by Diana Nguyen
“Studio” meaning we met at Mara’s apartment and I brought a backdrop.

Mara and I had been emailing back and forth as she was willing to help me add more lifestyle portraits to my portfolio. She was pretty clear that she was more interested in doing “creative stuff” but would definitely help me get lifestyle shots. This surprised and delighted me all at once. Surprised because people (well, models) have never told me they wanted to try “creative stuff” and then, delighted because well, who doesn’t like doing creative stuff? And truth be told, when we did finally meet up, I wasn’t as interested in getting the lifestyle shots as I was absorbing her excitement for this let’s-do-creative-stuff collaboration. (Background: Mara is a professional lifestyle model, so she does lifestyle portraits all the time. In fact, in one email she wrote “I will give you the sh*it out of lifestyle.” LOL. And she did!)

Since we had a few weeks before meeting up, Mara and I shared a few ideas through Pinterest and came across this awesome gem, which inspired the eye pictures in this post. Initially, we weren’t quite sure how to execute the idea. I bought a face painting kit and figured I’d paint on a sorry-looking eye on one of her hands and then use one of her fake eyelashes on the other. But then her Fairy Godfather Brad (her friend who happens to be an awesome graphic designer) came up with a sheet full of eyes that he designed.

Eye love this.
Eye love this.

Mara spent a lot of time cutting out the individuals eyes and lashes from the sheet Brad had printed out for her. This girl was committed to getting the pictures. [Shout out to Mara!]

mara lynne eyes photographed by diana nguyen
Seriously, eye love these so much.

We also had a few other ideas that we wanted to try shooting including:

Mara Lynne with Fruit Loops photographed by Diana Nguyen
Fruit Loops!

Such a great morning. I had so much fun that we met up again later for snow pictures…I’ll share those pictures in the next post.


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