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Strings Ramen Shop

Strings Ramen Shop Lakeview

On Sunday, I met my friend Nycole for an early dinner at Strings Ramen Shop in Lakeview. I hadn’t popped by the area in awhile (fun fact: I used to live a few blocks from Strings Ramen), so it was cool wandering up and down Belmont before meeting up with my dinner date. The camera stayed in my purse, so I didn’t get any pictures of the neighborhood (something I need to do one of these days though). But fear not, Walter came out when the food did.

I should mention that while we ordered quite a bit of food, we did something fairly lame: we didn’t order ramen. But the ramen looked pretty awesome. Nycole and I sat between a table of four and another table for two. The table of four had three different parties roll through while we were there – each one slurping through their ramen and leaving their bowls empty. The table of two had two guys – one of them ordered a second bowl! So I’m just going to say that the the ramen is probably worth ordering here.

But so are the other things on the menu!

Shrimp gyoza

Nycole’s freshly manicured hands holding the shrimp gyoza

Yuzo miso salmon sunomono (mixed vegetables in a sweet vinegar dressing). I could have eaten 10 of these bowls.

Spicy scallop donburi (rice with topping) – the scallops pretty much melted in our mouths. And that’s uni on top

Shredded turkey maze soba – my second favorite dish in this spread

I really enjoyed this meal, and if I lived in the area, I’d frequent this place all the time. So I’ll make my plea here: Come to the suburbs, Strings Ramen!!!


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