Snapshots from the Fourth of July Weekend: The End

You thought I was kidding when I said I hit up a carnival every day during the Fourth of July weekend, didn’t you? When you have a camera and toddler with a sh*t ton of energy…and live in the suburbs, it’s just what you do. (Truth be told, I am using my kid as an excuse.) But before you think I’m super hard core into carnivals (I am though), I made Sunday of the holiday weekend the last day of my Carnival Extravaganza. I was bone tired, but then I realized that neither The Husband nor had The Girl been yet. So it was time to get the entire family out.

carnival ride


carnival ride tickets


carnival ride tickets


carnival tent


carnival food stand






mango on a stick
Mango on a stick. It was really good/sweet in case you were wondering.

I spent the following Monday taking it easy.

beach picture in evanston
South Boulevard Beach in Evanston.

On Tuesday, we went to the Arlington Heights Fourth of July parade. It was the first time we went – pretty well attended. We situated ourselves in front of Uptown Cafe. After the first hour, it started getting hot so we went inside to get an early lunch and watched the parade from there.

fourth of july parade arlingon heights


Watching the Arlington Heights fourth of july parade from Uptown Cafe

The picture I didn’t get: Thomas the Train passing by and The Kid running towards it. Shucks. He had the biggest smile. It was awesome.

And I want to put this whole weekend on repeat for next year. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

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