Sick Day

The Kid was asked to stay home for a few days to make sure his HFMD was under control and wouldn’t be caught by his classmates. I understand where the school was coming from, but I was still pretty frustrated as I ended up having to stay home with him Monday. (The Hubs had been the real MVP and taking all the sick days the previous week. It was time for me to step up.) I was dressed for work and The Kid for school. I figured before I put him on an all-day video binge (so that I could focus on work) that we should take a few minutes to play around. So we did.


He started off the morning by playing with his blocks.


When he started stacking furniture, I knew it was time to move it on along….


So we decided to go outside and “take pictures”.


He told me that he didn’t want me to take his picture. “Let’s take a picture of Carol’s [our neighbor] house together!”

And then, he did his own thing:

[I love this so much.]


A few minutes later, I looked at my watch and saw it was 8:15. Work time.

Video time for him. (He wasn’t complaining.)

This wasn’t a bad day. He is a billion times easier to watch than his 22 month old sister (who definitely wouldn’t have let me do anything but play with her). But I’m glad he’s better & back in school. 🙂

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