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The Kid has recently developed an obsession with my tea pots. (Is the teapot song in your head? Totally in mine, so please accept my apology for the title of this blog post.)

Every day he runs into the cabinet that the teapots are in and pulls one out. Although they’re pretty durable, they’re still ceramic and I’m pretty sure we have our days numbered until (the first) one breaks. I was pretty sure of that happening the other morning as he was banging his latest victim a teapot into the floor. Then suddenly, he stopped. He looked up at me and said, “Peanut butter.”

“But. You. Just. Had. Breakfast,” I said under my breath as I grabbed a spoon and dug it into the jar of peanut butter. I was expecting it to go straight into his mouth.


He smeared it right on the teapot

I wouldn’t have ever thought to combine peanut butter with a teapot, but perhaps I am short sighted.





"I got my peanut butter!!!!!"
“I got my peanut butter!!!!!”


And although this was fairly messy, this particular teapot made it another day without any injuries. So that’s a win in my book.

Soon after, he ran to the window with Giada running after him.

saint bernard looking at kid
“Come on, kid….hook me up.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for her. đŸ˜‰

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