Savory Crust (aka empanadas in the suburbs, woot woot!)

empanada at savory crust
I had no idea Savory Crust existed until my friend Lina told me about it over an Ethiopian lunch. Ethiopian is not one of those cuisines that you can find in the suburbs (sadly), so I did my typical “It’s hard to find good places to eat at in the suburbs” whine. She mentioned hearing about an empanada place in Morton Grove, and I was like, No way!!!! She brought up Savory Crust up on her phone – evidence that there was an empanada place a few minutes from my house. Whoo hoo! The next day I popped to check out the place.

Savory Crust dips
Some of the dips: Avocado Cilantro Lime; Sriracha Aioli and Hot Chimichurri

It was pretty much love at first bite. (“How is this crust made???!!!???” I kept asking myself.) I posted a picture on my Instagram feed. A few days later, I got a DM from the cook there asking if I had been in. Such a nice guy, and we messaged back and forth. A few weekends ago, BT (that’s the cook) invited me to a blogger event. I’ll be honest – I’ve been trying to lay low from meetups and events. I really enjoy the company of people, but I’m at that point where my free time goes to my family – and all the leftover time after that goes to nurturing my creative side (it helps keep my sanity). I have a social life that my 20-something year old version would laugh at (I see my friends about once or twice a month – will probably be less once summer is officially over). I believe Randy Zuckerberg said something along the lines of (I’m 100% paraphrasing here), Work, Sleep, Family, Friends and Working out: Pick three. I’m certain she’s gotten hate for that, but I have found it to be true. And also, I admit that I’m old, so 1) I get tired easily and 2) I have to watch it when it comes to overextending myself. So yeah, three at a time is really all I can handle! In any case, BT is such a nice guy (and I’m also a super fan of Savory Crust!) that I went for an hour and had a good time. The people at Savory Crust really are the nicest, most sincere people who happen to make FANTASTIC empanadas. Drop in. Follow them on Instagram. Heck, send BT a message because I **know** he would love to hear from you.

A few shots from the event:

Savory Crust






savory crust


savory crust


cute girl savory crust
The cutest girl! (She’s one of the owner’s daughter.)

savory crust dips


savory crust in morton grove


savory crust in morton grove


savory crust in morton grove


savory crust in morton grove


savory crust in morton grove

FYI – I keep asking BT what’s in the crust, but he keeps avoiding the question, ha ha.

P.S. I should mention that the chicken pot pie is my favorite empanada here. Also a huge fan of the spinach one as well as the Philly cheesesteak empanada. Yum yum yum!

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