Saturday with Giada

It’s been busy around here the last few weeks, so this weekend’s pace was purposely planned on the slow side so that we could all regroup. So naturally, that meant that as soon as The Kid went down for his morning nap on Saturday, Giada and I hit the 14-degree air and drove to a forest preserve near the house. I wanted to throw something into Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project pool, which I did (meh) and in the process, came across this amazing account. (Pst, Anna Jones, you’re currently my photography crush.) In any case, I took Giada out and she was excited that it was just her and me (“That baby always gets in the way,” is what her eyes always seem to say). When we got out of the car, and she kept running in circles with excitement.

Until she had to poop.

[No, I didn’t take a picture of that.]

I wasn’t even thinking that was a possibility (but who am I kidding? That’s always a possibility) when we left the house that I didn’t bring any bags. (They were sitting in the stroller pouch, which I obviously didn’t have with me. FYI – it felt pretty liberating.) Luckily, I found a grocery bag in the car (without holes! Do you know often my grocery bags come with holes?). I returned to the scene of the crime….and couldn’t find the poop. I drove myself crazy for about 20 minutes, but did eventually find it. Sheesh. 

[That was my side story for you. I’m sorry for making you lose 2 minutes of your life there.]

Once that was out the way, we started shooting. Well, it was more of me putting her at the end of the shaky pier and her freaking out and running back toward me. She just didn’t trust the process (or pier) yesterday. I don’t blame her…

Giada running off the pier
“Did you get your shot?”
Giada running on pier
“Let’s go!!!!!!!”

On that note, I think 2016 will be the year I work on portraits. So yes, I got a jump start here with Giada (LOL):

dog portrait
“I’m a model.”

Happy Sunday!

dog laying down on pier
“This is how it should be. “

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