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Saturday Morning

black and white photo of kids

[Yes, I know I have to clean my windows.]

Oh my, this was a long Saturday morning with The Girl waking up crying at 3AM. She is a rockstar sleeper, so it was a little unusual but her diaper was full and it was bugging her. After I changed it, she didn’t want to go back in her crib so I pulled her into our bed.

Bad decision.

Long story short, she is difficult to sleep with. I finally did go into a deep sleep at around 6:30 (ugh) but at 7:00, The Kid popped into the room and asked why his sister was in our bed. Anyway, that little tangent has nothing to do with anything, but…. er, here are a few pictures from the morning after I downed some coffee and tried to keep them occupied:

kid with water color


kids painting



It was nice to see them acting like they liked each other. 😉

And last Saturday morning, this was them with The Hubs Skyping his mom (their baba):

Gah! Can't handle it.
Gah! Can’t handle it.❤

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