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Russ & Daughters

Russ and Daughters

I actually thought I had more pictures of Russ & Daughters. But I’m a moron and only have two. TWO. But in all fairness, we were only here for about 10 minutes to pick up some dried fruit. The Husband was excited to leave with a bag filled with dried mango, apricot and papaya. The Kid was pretty happy with the purchase, and for a few days after the trip kept asking for apricots. (He’s two, and these days, whatever he retains in his memory bank is most likely food related.)

Russ & Daughter's
Where have you guys been my whole life???” [Picture taken by my sister-in-law.]

Russ & Daughters

Jessica also left with a bag of dried pineapple, which she was bringing home to her mom. From my understanding, the bag made it to her mom….but the family dog got to the bag before anyone could try the pineapple. 🙁 But don’t worry, Yoshi is fine.

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