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I should have posted these pictures from a few weeks ago when I was at RPM celebrating one of my best girlfriend’s 40th birthday. We did a city staycation weekend to celebrate – a post on the weekend is forthcoming. But since my stomach is growling at me, I thought I’d post the few pictures I took at RPM Steak with Daphne.

I should preface by saying that we had just come from afternoon tea at The Peninsula, so not all of us were super hungry although I was getting there! The waiter suggested that we order a bunch of things and he could serve us family style. We had no idea that could be done! (It ended up being a perfect set up.)

oysters at RPM Steak Chicago
Started with oysters. Yum.

And then the food came out:

Did you need a close up of the beautiful steak? Because here it is:
RPM Steak Chicago

I kinda became obsessed with the Hasselbeck potatoes and ended up making them at home the following weekend (using Pioneer Woman’s recipe):

So good.

I’m sorry to say that we didn’t get dessert, but they brought out a little treat for The Birthday Girl:
cotton candy RPM Steak Chicago
Cotton candy!!!! What’s not to love about this place? Not sure when I’ll be back, but hopefully sooner rather than later. (Already drooling as I think about it.)

P.S. RPM is a Lettuce Entertain You restaurant, and The Birthday Girl mentioned that around the holidays, LEY will give you $25 for every $100 giftcard you purchase. So you can use the gift card here or another restaurant (if you’re from the Chicago area, you know there are plenty of them to choose from!). Good tip – I’ll have to remember this one.

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