Roberta’s in Brooklyn

Robertas pizza Brooklyn
Ah, at last I come back to blogging a little something about our time in New York. Let’s start from the beginning….

We left Chicago early one Sunday morning and arrived in NYC right before lunchtime. (For the record, this is a GREAT – aka SHORT – flight for the 2 & under passengers. The Husband and I were pretty floored that the kids behaved themselves for the 90 minutes we were in the air. At 6 months old, this was The Girl’s first time in the air. She napped the entire time. Whew. The Kid, has flown a few other times and we’ve never really had anything less than a stressful situation with him while flying. This time – and we’re thinking it’s because he’s at that ripe old age of two – he was pretty good. Thank you, iPad. Happy to go to New York with the two of them anytime if it’s always like this!) By the time we met up with my brother & his wife at our Airbnb, everyone seemed to be hungry. The host of the Airbnb mentioned Roberta’s for “some really great pizza”. Only later did I realize how right she was. So we took a walk from our place to Roberta’s to find that there was a wait in the restaurant. BUT bonus: there was a patio/beer garden in the back with plenty of seating. The weather was pretty favorable on this day, so we went to the back and snagged a table under the shade while the Childless Couple (that’s my jab at my brother & Jessica. They know I envy their carefree lifestyle, lol) went inside to grab our food. I think we waited about 20 minutes (it was a busy day at Roberta’s), so The Husband sat at our table with The Girl, who wasn’t sure if she wanted to sleep or watch us. (She ended up watching us.) Meanwhile, The Kid was happy to wander the patio area with me.

Robertas pizza beer garden


I didn’t take a picture of it, but there was a garden on the rooftop. I don’t think it’s open to the public. I’m only mentioning this because I’m determined to find a way to get up there next time I’m in Brooklyn. 😉

Then, the drinks and food arrived.

Robertas PIzza brooklyn in beer patio


Robertas PIzza brooklyn in beer patio


Robertas PIzza brooklyn in beer patio

No exaggeration: YUM YUM YUM. The pizza was fantastic, and I wish I had the verbal capacity to tell you why and how. But I think it really just came down to simplicity of ingredients and a wood fire grill. Oh, and FYI – we ordered [from left to right in above photo] Beast Master, Margherita and the Famous Original (which might be a little too spicy for a two year old…oops). And that’s chili oil in the bottle you see in the middle – I don’t know how spicy/good it was but they seem to sell quite a bit of it, so it must be worth trying!

Robertas pizza brooklyn

It’s possible that I want a pizza oven like Roberta’s now…


…although mine will be outdoors and the inscription above the oven door will say “I’m hungry.” That’s appropriate, right? Ha ha.

I enjoyed this pizza so much that we visited this place again before we left a few days later. Oh, and I also bought the cookbook:
Robertas Cookbook stop motion

Sigh, now I want pizza. I guess I better put that cookbook to use. 🙂

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