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Random pictures from the week

Thought I’d take a minute to share a few pictures from the last week or so. I wish I had a nice story to tie them all together, but alas, this is randomness at its finest.

Toddler checking toy phoneChecking her messages.

Toddler with abacus
Now she’s checking her math. LOL.

Kid taking picture
“Say ‘cheese’!” (I should have turned the camera on for him.)

saint bernard dog beggingGiada doing what she does best.

Vietnamese dinnerDinner with my aunts, uncles and a cousin this past Saturday. The Kid was sick, so he stayed home with The Hubs. The Girl and I went together and had a nice time. It was fun catching up with my cousin and see what was going on in her 14-year-old mind. (Yes, I have a 14-year-old cousin and yes, people have mistaken her as my daughter before, ha ha.)

We take our reading seriously around here.

He told me to turn off the flash. 😛

A good poke bowl is hard to find out in the suburbs, but I live near a Japanese grocery store so it’s easy to pull together the ingredients to make a good bowl myself. My plating presentation probably needs help though. 🙂

morning-livingroom-022718Typical morning in the living-room-turned-playroom.

kids-livingroom-022718I’m pretty sure I was trying to get them to pose. How did I do? 😉

putting-on-hat-022718“Hat on, Mama. Let’s go!”

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