Potrero Hill Engagement Pictures

Potrero Hill was an idea I found on Pinterest, which Jessica was familiar with and interested in shooting. This was the best setting, but unfortunately, my shooting was off while we were here.

Potrero Hill engagement, San Francisco

Potrero Hill engagement, San Francisco
Next time: faster shutter speed and get closer (those shrubs were driving me crazy in post production).

Potrero Hill engagement, San Francisco

At least I got in one winning picture. (See below.) ūüėõ

Portero Hill San Francisco
I suggested this for the Save the Date cards, but I think I got vetoed. 

This was the end of our Saturday shooting. The next day, we went to visit Marin County. I fell in love with this area….

marin county
…and really loved this wall. Funny enough, it’s located in a parking lot.

I wish I had more Sausalito (the name of the town we were in)¬†pictures to share with you because it’s such a beautiful place¬†that I would be happy to see every time I’m in the Bay area. (I suggested staying a hotel here next time, but we’ll have to see how that works out. My other half is very much pro-San Francisco.)

And of course, we did not leave San Francisco without seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. (Is there a way to not see it when in SF? I tried during one previous trip¬†but [happily] failed….)

couple at golden gate bridge

And before I end this post, here’s a a picture¬†my husband and son heading¬†toward the bridge.

family picture at golden gate bridge

I was surprised this picture was on my memory card as I only took about 10 pictures without my brother and Jessica on this trip. I’m sure my brother won’t be happy to hear this. (“You are only allowed to take pictures of me.” Ha ha.)

He’ll live. ūüėČ

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  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about but these pictures are awesome!!! I need to go to that hill the next time I’m in the bay area!

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