Playing with my new Canon M6

My husband got me the Canon M6 I was too chicken to buy. Thank goodness for birthdays, eh?

So I’ve been using it for a few days and yeah, I pretty much love it. See here:

To summarize my thoughts on the Canon M6:

  • I love the design
  • The flipscreen and autofocus make this a pretty stellar selfie camera, ha ha. Just kidding. Both are great for creating videos – or vlogging if that’s the avenue you want to explore. (Guilty.)
  • I’m a longtime Canon user, so I thought the learning curve would work out in my favor. Nope. Still trying to figure out the controls (took me awhile to turn off the autofocus)
  • I really like that it’s lightweight (compared to Walter), so it’s pretty much going to go with me everywhere
  • I don’t think this will be my go-to photography camera (Walter is my BFF when it comes to that), but this is definitely going to be my video/vlogging partner
  • Can’t wait to keep playing with this. And I’d love to see how this camera (on the photo side) performs once I get an adapter to use my EF lenses

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