Pictures from the Canon M6

I said that the Canon M6 wouldn’t be my Go To Camera for photography stuff, but it has been going with me everywhere lately because 1) it’s lighter than Walter and 2) I’m trying to get better acquainted with it. I’m not that quick with the controls yet, but I did finally figure out how to manage the focus (instead of letting the camera do it for me). I also learned how to use the WiFi so that the pictures pop up on my iPhone and iPad. (Thank you, instruction manual.) Whoo hoo. Don’t get too excited for me yet because I haven’t figured out a quick way to change the ISO when shooting. Give me another week. 😛 But the last few days have been nice with the M6.

A few pictures:

photo taken with Canon M6


photo taken with Canon M6


photo taken with Canon M6


photo taken with Canon M6


photo taken with Canon M6

Since my main camera has a name, I think the M6 needs one too. I’m thinking Daphne (just because I like the name. No symbolism). I’m open to suggestions though!

As I’ve spent more time with Daphne (he he), I have a few more things I want to share about her:

1) This is a great camera to tote around with you, so that you don’t miss those everyday moments. (Moms, take note!)
2) I don’t bother with shooting RAW. I tried, but I didn’t think it was worth the file size. (Still going 100% RAW with Walter though.)
3) People don’t look at me funny with Daphne. I think they’re like, Awwww that’s so cute…there’s a mom taking pictures of her kids. I suspect that the same people would side-eye me when I use Walter and think to themselves, Settle down, Annie Leibovitz. Ha ha.

And on a completely random note, the other night I was YouTubing people and their experience with the M6. I went down a rabbit hole and might be currently addicted to this group of Vloggers based in the Philippines – Wil Dasovich (Wil’s video on the M6 was what kicked it off for me), his sidekick Daniel Marsh and Wil’s sister Haley. So yeah, #danley for life. Ha!

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