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Photography books I’ve been reading lately

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“So tell me about yourself.”

I usually answer this question with mentions that I live with my roommates (er, family) in the suburbs, I like photography and that I enjoy reading. Naturally, the follow up question to the last question is “What book are you reading now?” or “Do you have any book recommendations?” I think they’re usually expecting fiction requests (The Kite Runner and or anything by Khaled Hosseini) and unfortunately, these days, I’m more of a non-fiction reader. I’ll spare you the business books on my nightstand now (did I just lose you?) since this is a photography-oriented site. 🙂 But for those of you who enjoy a good picture book from time to time, here are the photography books I’ve poured over in the last month all thanks to the libraries in my area*:

Photo books I’ve read before that I really liked:

Do you have photography books you’d recommend?

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