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Photobook Talk [vlog]

Vlog Episode 4:

I want to do more vlogs focused on photo books. We’re in a period of time where “everyone is a photographer” and there are more pictures taken now than ever before, but everyone is so focused on getting their pictures up on social media, which is cool for sharing purposes. But aside from Facebook’s “On This Day” memories, how will everyone revisit their photos 10 years from now? (Please don’t say Facebook will help you with that.) I’ve done a video touching on that. But, er, this isn’t that video. (It’s coming.) This is, however, a video talking about scanning pictures for a client to put into a photo book. I’ve been working with him for a few years putting together family albums with his digital photos. While moving, he and his wife came across boxes from their travels in the 80s and asked me to scan them and put them in a photo book to keep it consistent with the other books they have. I have to say, it’s been a fun process.

P.S. Can I still call this video “Vlog with my dog” if it’s not Giada focused? Maybe I need more of a general vlog name like Diana Takes Pictures or DTP. I’ll keep thinking about that one. 😉

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