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Photo book: Nine Month Project [video]

baby photo book

I made mention of having another baby in a prior post, and although I didn’t document my pregnancy journey here, I pulled together a photo book filled with pictures and weekly notes. This was a first as I had a “template baby book” for my first pregnancy that I was pretty diligent about filling out (well, starting with the second trimester. The first trimester section is pretty much bare). The book is sitting in a memory box in my son’s closet for whenever he (or anyone else) wants to relive that period of time. This time around, however, I decided to pull together a baby book that would be more photo-centric (because well, I tend to take a lot of photos) and which I could customize. This proved to be a better process for me as I could take pictures of….

pregnancy test
…the pregnancy test. (Sorry, is this gross to post?)
Sitting in the doctor's office
…those times I hung around in the doctor’s office
In the delivery room
…us hamming it up in the delivery room.
9 months of belly pictures
And oh yeah, the belly pictures

I admit that this book got better with the third trimester when I used my DSLR instead of relying on my iphone. (It takes effort to bring a DSLR with you to the doctor’s office, ha ha.) It feels weird to say that since most of the pictures I take are with my camera, but for convenience, I reached for the iPhone quite a bit at the beginning of the pregnancy. Then, one day I decided to pull out my camera and I feel like the book improved in quality from that point. I’m babbling, but what I’m trying to say is that you should use whatever tools (er, camera) work for you; however, make sure you stay on top of tending to your book project on a weekly basis so you can edit as you go and can make note of the changes you want to make.

Anyway, this was a fun personal project. I hope when my daughter is older, she’ll look through this and experience it as I did. 🙂

The video:

the fun facts



Photo Book Specs –

  • 82 pages
  • 8×10 standard portrait
  • Hardcover, image wrap
  • Standard paper (80# text, semi-matte) // If you’re putting together a Blurb photo book, consider ordering a paper swatch kit so that you know what your options are.

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