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Photo book for my mom


My mom came into town from Vietnam last month for my brother’s wedding. And since there was an impending addition to our family, she decided to extend her stay until January.

baby feet
Did I mention I had a baby? 😉

My mom has been here helping out with things that get neglected when you have a(nother) child. So far that has included cleaning (A LOT), occasional chasing of the 22 month old and lots of cuddling with the newborn. I’ve been doing my best to document these moments since she’s only in town once every couple of years. (This year, she’s been here twice, but I’m not sure if my brother and I are giving her another huge life event/reason to come back into town in 2017. But hey, it’s too early to say so we shall see.)

I wasn’t sure what to get her for Christmas as she’s been shuffling a lot of things into her two suitcases (and carry-on!) and has already said that she can’t pack anymore into her bags (and yes, she is here for another month). She’s the type that likes sentimental gifts, so I went with a lightweight 7×7″ photo book from Blurb and spent a few hours one afternoon trying to figure out which pictures to include.

blurb family photo book
I assumed she wanted pictures with her (at this point) only grandchild.
blurb family photo book
Plus the granddog.
blurb family photo book
Plus, something seasonal. (She was excited to see snow for the first time in a few years. She got tired of the cold pretty quickly though.)
blurb family photo book
More everyday photos with her grandson & granddog.
blurb family photo book
Plus a couple of wedding pictures (aka the reason she came into town in the first place!)
blurb family photo book
And of course, a few pictures of the new arrival. I’ve made many attempts to get a picture of my childREN (I’m getting used to saying that) together in one picture. Not an easy feat – and I haven’t succeeded yet. (This picture was taken by the photographer at the hospital.)

I’m hoping she’s able to make room in one of her suitcases for this. 😉

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