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Park Day

warm day at the park

Earlier in the week, the temperatures hit the upper 60s here in Chicago….in February. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the weather we’ve been having lately. But while it’s confusing, I’m still all about making the best out of the situation. I mean, we could do worse than warm temperatures in February, right? 😉 So off to the park we went. As soon as he saw where we were headed, The Kid yelled, “Fun fun fun!!!!” Followed up with, “Out out out out!” [As in “Get me out of this stroller!”] As soon as I let him go, it was a little difficult keeping up with him as I still had to look after the stroller (equipped with his baby sister).

kid on teeter totter




kid on swing

While he was zipping back and forth between places, another mom with her husband and daughter approached me – apparently, her cousin is one of my husband’s good friends and she recognized The Kid from pictures posted on Facebook. Funny! Her daughter is 17-months-old and the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s possible that The Kid noticed this too as he was a more muted version of himself and played very nicely with the girl.

"Dang, Mama! Why do you have to put me on blast here???"
“Dang, Mama! Why do you have to put me on blast here???”
“Fine, I admit it – she was cute!”

After quite a bit of time at the playground, we had to leave as my allergies got the best of me. (Seasonal allergies in February – seriously???!!!) The Kid was bummed about leaving (and that whole Terrible Twos thing is a real thing in case you were wondering), but hopefully we’ll get back out sooner rather than later.

"We'll come back again soon....right?"
“We’ll come back again soon….right?”

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