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Paris Photo Book [with video]

Paris photo book published through Blurb

I recently realized that I said I’d share my finished photo book of Paris and never ended up doing it.

So here it is:

Paris photo book cover

As you can see, the trip took place in 2012, and it was interesting going back through the pictures to see how much my photography has evolved since then. (A LOT.)

This pretty much means I need to work on going back to the City of Light to take more pictures. 🙂 I’ll make it work one of these days.

Paris photo book, Paris cafe


paris-travel-photobook-5, The Louvre
A few pictures outside and around The Louvre. It might be my favorite museum in the world.


A montage of photos that include sites in Le Marais


The Eiffel Tower and its views. (I was amused by the pickpocket sign, so yeah, it made the book.)






Paris photo book


Paris photo book
Yeah, I definitely need to think about planning another trip to Par-ree again soon. 🙂

the fun facts

Photo Book Specs –

      • 184 pages
      • 8×10 standart portrait
      • Hardcover, image wrap. I could have used one image to cover the front and back covers, but I opted to use two different pictures.
      • Premium Matte Paper (100# Text) // This is my favorite paper offered through Blurb. [If you’re putting together a Blurb photo book, consider ordering a paper swatch kit so that you know what your options are.]
Paris travel photobook
The back cover

To get more into the pages, check out my video:

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