Random pictures from the week

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Thought I’d take a minute to share a few pictures from the last week or so. I wish I had a nice story to tie them all together, but alas, this is randomness at its finest.

Toddler checking toy phoneChecking her messages.

Toddler with abacus
Now she’s checking her math. LOL.

Kid taking picture
“Say ‘cheese’!” (I should have turned the camera on for him.)

saint bernard dog beggingGiada doing what she does best.

Vietnamese dinnerDinner with my aunts, uncles and a cousin this past Saturday. The Kid was sick, so he stayed home with The Hubs. The Girl and I went together and had a nice time. It was fun catching up with my cousin and see what was going on in her 14-year-old mind. (Yes, I have a 14-year-old cousin and yes, people have mistaken her as my daughter before, ha ha.)

We take our reading seriously around here.

He told me to turn off the flash. 😛

A good poke bowl is hard to find out in the suburbs, but I live near a Japanese grocery store so it’s easy to pull together the ingredients to make a good bowl myself. My plating presentation probably needs help though. 🙂

morning-livingroom-022718Typical morning in the living-room-turned-playroom.

kids-livingroom-022718I’m pretty sure I was trying to get them to pose. How did I do? 😉

putting-on-hat-022718“Hat on, Mama. Let’s go!”

Kindness at the grocery store

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At the grocery store a few months ago.
At the grocery store a few months ago (aka not related to the following story).

On Saturday, The Girl and I went to the grocery store. When we were done, we went to one of the registers. I pulled into the lane and stood in front of the cart to begin unloading the things in the basket of the cart onto the conveyor belt. As I was about to return to the back of the cart (where The Girl was sitting) to reach the other groceries on the bottom rack of the cart, a man approached the cart and unloaded everything for me. I was so flabbergasted and said, “That was so nice – you must have kids!” He laughed and said that he had two. We chatted a bit while I kept expressing my gratitude. As I was paying, he let someone behind him go ahead of him in line because they had less in their cart.

The world is full of nice, considerate people.

I don’t have any reason for sharing this little story except that 1)I tend to be random; 2)I like positive things and figured that this little space I have on the internet isn’t a bad place to put my positive, random stories; and 3)this would have been too long of a caption to post on Instagram! I’m going to guess there will be more random-and-too-long-for-Instagram posts in the future. 🙂 As always, thanks for reading.

Daily Design – Week 8

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Hi hi,

I think I’m able to post my daily designs every day this week. So I woke up on Monday morning and put some finishing touches on a project I was doing in After Effects (an Adobe program that does video motion graphics and visual effects) when it decided to crash on me twice. And when it was up and running, it was incredibly buggy. Very sad. So this was my rant:


On Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling like a bottle of nerves. So this is something of a little pep talk to myself:
breath and just relax

2/21/18 – Just a little nod to Hump Day.

The Crown
2/22/18 – I’m very much into The Crown on Netflix these days. If you’re a royal follower (guilty), this is definitely the show for you. I’m going to miss Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth) and Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret) when Season 3 rolls around.

2/23/18 – I’m excited to watch the Olympics’ Closing Ceremony on Sunday. This Olympics has inspired to make my two kids the next Shib Sibs…except that The Girl will be the ones to do the lifts because she’s really, really savage. LOL. (I’m not sure if The Kid is a willing participant in all of this.)

She's a tough one, that one....
She’s a tough one, that one….

Have a great weekend!

Chicago Snow Day

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It’s always easy for me to snap pictures of Giada in the snow at home, but there is something pretty stellar about the city under the blanket of white. One of these days, I’d love to get Giada in the city while it snows. I’m sure she would love that. These pictures were taken about a week and half ago when there was a nice big snow fall into Chicago. Instead of holing up in the suburbs, I trekked into the city to pick up my son’s birthday cake at Lutz – the strawberry whipped cream cake makes everyone happy around here. (No one else seems to get it done as well as Lutz.) Here are a few pictures taken from the area around the bakery (mostly in the Albany Park and Lincoln Square neighborhoods):


Happy Friday!

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This is my Daily Design – Week 7 post, and while I did design this week, I’m not ready to share most of the work I did this week. I will share two from the week though.

We’ve been sick around here in the last week (we’re all feeling almost back-to-normal at this point, so yay!). Sleep and NyQuil have been my friend. I’m pretty sure NyQuil is the reason for the former…

Created 2/12/18.

And this really isn’t a design, but I opened up Photoshop for this one, so I’ll count it. 🙂 Yesterday morning at breakfast, I was intrigued at Giada placing herself between The Kid and The Girl.

Created 2/15/18.

Don’t worry – The Girl threw food at her, as always. So Giada definitely did not leave the table hungry. These days, she never leaves the table hungry because The Girl is just that reliable. (We’re working on that!)

That’s all for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend. 🙂

Daily Design – Week 6

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Another snow day around here. In case you can use another picture of Giada in her element, here you go:

Giada the saint bernard in snow


In addition to the snow day in the Chicago area today, it’s a sick day around here. Ew. The Kid, unfortunately, has been sick all week and spread the love to the rest of us. On Wednesday morning, he sat on our couch downstairs looking out into our yard. It seemed like a nice moment to pull out the camera, so I did. As soon as he heard the first click, he turned to me and said, “I don’t like that right now, Mama.” So the camera went down. But in case you think that was an isolated moment, I will admit that it is not. I respect all my subjects. Ron Galella I am not. 🙂

Things the Mammarazzi hears

Aside from that little piece of work, I used the rest of the week to work on this alphabet book of select world languages. I picked English, Vietnamese (check out my last name) and Russian (check out my married name, he he) for obvious reasons. There really was no rhyme or rhythm for the others.

And that is all for now. I’m going to drag myself off the computer and to bed. Hope everyone is staying warm – and healthy!

Happy Friday,

Giada & Her Snow Day

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We have been getting a nice, steady flow of snow around here this week. On Sunday, despite my temptation to stay inside all day (it never happens), I promised Giada a walk (we are very far from the daily walks she used to get before The Girl/Child #2 came into the picture).

dog staring down for walk
“Yo, I need a walk.”
Me getting ready.
Me getting ready.
walking dog in snow
“Let’s go.”
walking dog in snow
The cool thing about always carrying a camera is that my neighbors never question me when I randomly pose in front of their garage (such as the case here). They’ll comment on it later, but in the moment, they don’t question it.

I really thought Giada would be a lot happier with the walk. She had a little pep in her step and had a moment where she was about to chase a squirrel, but she just never felt like smiling.

Saint Bernard dog in snow


Saint Bernard dog in snow


Saint Bernard dog in snow
Seriously, what’s up with this?
But something tells me she enjoyed her walk all the same. :)
But something tells me she enjoyed her walk all the same. 🙂