The Ducklings Came

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Sometime on Monday, I noticed that the mallard who laid 10 eggs under my front window was sitting on a bunch of newly-hatched ducklings. Cool, I thought. I wonder what time this happened.  The mallard didn’t seem to pleased with my gawking, so I left and periodically came throughout the morning and afternoon to see if […]

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

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hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and is doing something cool. My family and I are sticking around town and looking for a nearby carnival (this is a picture from one last year), so obviously I hope there’s a corn dog in my future. We’re also hosting my neighbors for a little barbecue. When […]

Friday Ramblings

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‘ve been in a social media funk lately. While I check Twitter daily, Instagram occasionally and Facebook when I get a comment notification (happens rarely these days as I post very little), I’m generally feeling meh about the whole social media thing. I do like Twitter because I can check in and feel like I’m on top […]

How to Create Your Own Font in the Easiest Way Possible

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ately, I’ve been looking for photo book blogs. I’m not finding too many of them (although I found and am in love with this one), but I somehow ended down this rabbit hole called “scrapbooking blogs”. Truthfully, I really enjoy my time there. I can’t say that I’m going to start scrapbooking anytime soon although maybe […]