My Brother’s Birthday

Giada with birthday cupcake

My brother was in over the weekend to hang out with his friends and (I think) us. On Sunday, we woke up and took an impromptu trip to the nearby farmers’ market. “Do they have oysters?” he asked excitedly. I had to remind him that I lived in the suburbs and we don’t have anything like his beloved Ferry Building where yes, he could get shucked oysters while shopping for produce among other fun things. But a funny thing – there was an oyster guy at our market!


I hadn’t seen/noticed the vendor all summer, so I think he’s a fall season addition. And granted, he wasn’t shucking oysters (just selling them by the dozen) but what caught my brother’s eyes was the red snapper. “Oooooo….I want to try that.” That was his impulse market buy, and he was intent on making it later that night since I denied him the privilege of going to Old Country Buffet for his birthday. Oh yeah, I should mention that 1) my brother’s running joke is eating at Old Country Buffet (or “The OCB”) whenever he’s in town. Although I’m not sure he’s joking anymore because he’s very insistent on going. (I admit that we did cave in once to humor him. He was the only one who left smiling, and I think it was more because he managed to convince us to go than his overall enjoyment of the food.) and 2) he was in town for his birthday weekend. And regarding the latter, he made his own birthday dinner Sunday night.

Only him.

While he cooked, I pulled out my camcorder and figured I’d vlog the experience (something I’ve been wanting to do lately).

Very good dinner.

[By the way, I’d recommend putting on makeup and getting out of your Sunday lounge wear if you’re turning the camera on yourself.]

And I’m sharing this picture of Giada from a few years ago because she loves birthday treats. Fish, cupcakes, whatever. She’ll eat it all!

Giada with birthday cupcake

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