Murakami exhibit at MCA

I should have 100% posted this a week or two ago. However, better late than never, right? 😉


A few weeks ago, IGersChicago hosted an InstaMeet at the Museum of Contemporary Art. I went because I wanted to finally see 1) the Murakami exhibit that I kept hearing about and 2) my friend Jeanne (who sent me a heads up about the meetup). At the last minute, Jeanne sent a text saying she was going to have to skip the event because she wasn’t feeling well. (She really was disappointed.) I was going to not go just because she wouldn’t be there, but decided to just get myself to finally see the exhibit I kept hearing about.

I’m glad I went. (And I totally missed, Jeanne – just in case she’s reading this!)

Murakami at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
The garage door. I had purchased a parking spot on SpotHero earlier in the day. I wish I hadn’t because there were a good number of spots on nearby streets. Oh well. Live and learn. 🙂

temporary tattoo of Murakami at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
My friend Fayth’s tattoo placement. I still have my temporary tattoos sitting on the kitchen counter. Not sure where I want to put it. (The Kid told me I could put it on him yesterday. As I approached him, he ran away. Two year olds….)

Here were a few more pictures from the exhibit:

Murakami at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
There were a lot of people here, and I didn’t see too many people I knew (about 4?). I am a little sad that the 2012-2014 days of Instagram are over, and that going to these meetups yields a whole new group of faces. But meeting new people is fun – and I feel like I met a lot of friendly people that night. Not everyone was into taking pictures…or even Instagram. They came to check out the exhibit!

Murakami at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Murakami at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
I adored this girl’s outfit (I told her that only certain people could pull it off & she definitely was pulling it off) and asked if I could take her picture:
She was very nice, and I found out she drove from Madison where she goes to school. I was pretty surprised to hear that she came down just for the exhibit. “He’s my favorite artist,” she explained. I get it (as I once woke up at dawn to be the second in line for Giada de Laurentiis‘ book signing. The first in line was a 9-year-old aspiring chef.)

And that’s it. I need to get out and shoot more cool events more often. 🙂

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