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Miami & Caribbean Vacation Photo Book

If I go to bed early enough, I tend to wake up at 5:30AM. That’s where I found myself one Sunday morning, and despite my efforts in trying to keep my iPhone out of the bedroom, it was sitting right there on my nightstand. So naturally, I reached for it and scrolled through Twitter.

Bad/sad news in our country.


More bad/sad news. [I admit that never seem to say the right things, so let me share this Oh Joy post post that pretty much sums up my feelings about what has been going on lately.]


Twenty minutes later, I come across a post titled The Joy of Making Photo Albums on Eric Kim’s blog. Oooooooooo………great post. Even though he’s more of a proponent for photo albums than photo books [“while arranging photos digitally on your computer is fine— once again, you don’t have as much fun as if you did it by hand” – I disagree but potato po-tah-toe], I agree with his sentiment on taking our pictures out from digital form and having a tangible form of them. Since my personal platform is PRINT YOUR PICTURES (which I don’t think I’ve been saying nearly enough) and I started this blog to share my photo book projects, I thought maybe I should get back into that, starting with my Miami/Caribbean book. This trip took place two years ago, and yes, I waited another two years before putting together the book. Here was the final product (published through Blurb):

Two years is a long time to revisit photos, and naturally, there were a lot of pictures that jogged my memory. There were also a good number of pictures that made go, “What was happening here?” I have a pretty good memory, but it’s been slowly failing me in the last two years (blame the 17-month-old). Luckily, Jessica was able to fill in the holes with this trip, but from here on out, I will take notes at the end of the travel day and hopefully I’ll be able to link them to my pictures when I look through my camera roll.

I’m also trying to do that in my every day life.

At the moment, I’m working on a 2016 family year book. Every week, I’m adding pictures and notes so that when the end of the year comes, I can close out the book with light edits and send it off to Blurb. Adding images and notes a bit at a time (instead of trying to do this in one time clump at end of the year) allows me to write things down and share the photos while they’re still fresh on my mind.

dog eating cake
Like this picture of Giada finishing off my son’s birthday cake back in February. I’m pretty sure she gave me a big grin after she was done.

Funny enough, yesterday at work someone mentioned that she was talking to the guy in IT. “He takes his pictures and sends them through Snapfish to make photo books after his vacations. I should start doing that.” I must have given her a look because she immediately responded with, “Do you do that?” I nodded and mentioned that I’d never see the pictures again if I left my images on my hard drive. “Okay, when I come back from Paris in October I will do it!” I smiled, happy to hear her say that (or maybe because I was hoping she’d take me to Paris with her. Potato po-tah-toe).


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2 thoughts on “Miami & Caribbean Vacation Photo Book

  1. I love that video!! And that photo book! I want to do this for my Paris trip and my Provence trip and my Amalfi Coast trip and my Hawaii trip!! You’ve inspired me!

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