Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was The Hub’s birthday. Because it was his birthday weekend, I did what he wanted to do – stay home. So for the most part, we did stay close to home. Saturday was Birthday Eve. I had ordered lobsters from The Lobster Guy earlier in the week, and it arrived just in time for the weekend. So. Good. After a lot of screaming (“Lobster look scary!!!!!!!!”), The Kid decided he wanted to try a bite.
(He was also into the melted butter.) He might be an addict now.

Then again, the whole family might be:

I wish I had thought to get a picture of the lobsters pre-meal. But in case you need a quick review of The Lobster Guy: the lobsters are really good. Both kids also devoured the clam chowder. I liked the lobster cakes and stuffed shrimp we ordered too, but next time I probably will just stick with the lobsters and chowder.

Earlier in the day, I made a marscapone cheesecake from the green Gourmet cookbook. It’s legit the best cheesecake recipe – I tell people that this is the cheesecake that you make and use to buy friends.

I can’t ever seem to keep a clean work area as I bake.

I also can’t seem to do anything in the kitchen without an audience:

And do you think I have a picture of the final product? Nope. LOL.

On Sunday, we went to a hibachi place near us with The Hub’s BFF. I have to say that the sushi was awesome:

I’m a sucker for sashimi.

The kids were really excited for the grill:
Or was this their hungry faces? 😉

I didn’t take too many pictures because of that whole being-in-the-moment thing. 😉 But here’s the fried rice that I was planning to eat until The Girl stuck her hand in it:


The next day, we had our neighbors over for a BBQ. This is the only photo I took:


I’ll admit that the outside temps stunted my thinking this weekend. (Seriously, it hit 100 degrees at one point.) Also: I’m a fan of keeping things simple and I once heard that all you needed to put into burger meat is Lipton Onion Soup Mix. I did just that without telling anyone, and everyone said the burgers were really juicy. (I haven’t had one to validate this, but if people keep saying the same thing without being prompted, it has to be true, right?)

And the weekend ended nicely with Spiderman sharing the last of the birthday cake with me:

last of the Lutz cake

Sweet. 🙂

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