Lunch with The Hubs: Mazalae Mongolian Restaurant

I am starting a new job this week (I’m probably sitting at my new desk as this post goes live). And just to get them used to this change, the kids both started a new daycare last week.

During a playdate (not in daycare).
During a recent playdate (not in daycare).

The Kid has been in daycare and currently does preschool, so I knew he’d be fine in his new place. I was worried for The Girl, who although is pretty savage and tough is – believe it or not – NEEDY. VERY needy. It’s our fault for setting her up that way as she was always with either my husband or me. As a result, if another adult tries to hold her she’ll pretty much start crying. It was getting to be pretty ridiculous. But after a couple of days of daycare, she seemed to be a different kid. Don’t get me wrong, her #1 goal still appears to be World Domination, but in the process, she seems to be letting other adults hold her and she seems to also be playing nice with other kids. (It might ruin her street cred, but I was told she was holding hands with another girl the other day. Whoa, she’s not as anti-social as I thought!) Anyway, daycare seems to be good for her (whew), and also good for our family. My husband and I have had one date night (I think) since The Kid was born 3 years ago. (I know, I know. This is bad.) This isn’t because we don’t like each other (we do, we do!!!), but because we never took the time to find a Date Night Sitter. Hopefully, we’ll change that in the near future. However, with both kids in daycare last week, I thought I’d drive up towards my husband’s job and do lunch with him while they were being looked after.

Great decision.

As I pulled up to his company’s parking lot, I asked him if he’d rather try a hot pot place instead of the burger place we were originally thinking. “Yes! Soup sounds better!” he replied. Thank goodness for Yelp, which directed us to nearby Mazalae Mongolian Restaurant. When we sat down, we were given a menu typed in a Cyrillic script. My (Russian) husband’s eyes got wide. We both quickly turned the menu around to see the English version of it.

Quick shot of the menu before the waitress grabbed it, lol.
Quick shot of the menu before the waitress grabbed it, lol.

“A lot of this stuff are things I grew up with,” he whispered. (I don’t think he was referring the Mongolian beef, by the way. Ha ha.) We each went with our original plan and ordered a soup.

He got the Mongolian Noodle Soup.

I got the Dumpling and Vegetable Soup (“You’ll love it,” the waitress said). Both were really good although The Hubs said I got the better soup. He might be right, but I would have eaten his happily. I think we both want to come back and eat more soup. We also want to try the other things on the menu…but then again, I really liked the soup, so maybe I’ll stick with that. 🙂

Being able to take pictures freely was nice.

Being in The Husband’s company without the kids was also pretty cool. So much so that we had another lunch date the following day. 🙂

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