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Lunch with The Hubs: Blue Ridge Korean BBQ

At the beginning of March, I went back to work and had a few day to myself (aka we put the kids into daycare). I used a few hours during those days to meet The Hubs for lunch. I mentioned in a previous post that we haven’t really done a date night since The Kid was born (he’s 3 now). Hopefully, we’ll change that as The Girl gets older (and is starting to trust other adults other than Mama and Papa – YAY!). But as another mom in The Kid’s preschool said, “It’s fun hanging out with other adults and we don’t do it too often, so it’s nice when we get the chance to….but we really like doing things with our kids.” I admit that I often express mixed opinions on how much time I like to spend with The Kid and The Girl (“Do you want them? They’re yours!”), but I really do dig them and the time I get to spend with them. They’re fun. They make me laugh. The Hubs and I are lucky to have them. (But yes, they’re super tiring. Ha ha.) Anyway, once I started working, The Hubs and I figured out that our jobs are only about 20 minutes from each other, so we could find lunch spots to meet in the middle to continue these lunch dates without the kids. So far, it’s working. I even told him on our last lunch date that if he wanted to eat in silence, I’d be okay with that because it was such a relaxing experience. I mean, we didn’t have to keep bending over to the floor to pick up a utensil that one of kids kept chucking to the ground. Imagine that! So last Friday, we went with Blue Ridge Korean BBQ in Park Ridge for another one of these peaceful lunches.

Good choice!

Blue Ridge Korean BBQ
That’s The Hubs digging in while pretending that I don’t have a camera in his face

I was kinda hopped up on (3 cups of) coffee, so I wasn’t terribly hungry. The Hubs didn’t object to splitting something, so we ordered a Beef Bibimbap bowl and Korean pancakes:

Blue Ridge Korean BBQ
Blue Ridge Korean BBQ

Did I mention that without the kid distraction, I managed to finish a story I was trying to tell The Hubs three days prior? Ha ha , sad but true. Anyway, regarding the food: SO GOOD. (“The Kid would love these pancakes,” The Hubs said. “Should I tell him about our lunch today?” I replied. The Hubs gave me a fearful look.) I went back to the office and told my coworkers to check it out if they had a chance. And I’m pretty sure you’ll see this place pop up a few more times in this blog. 🙂 Great place. Because my writing/review is limited, feel free to check out the Yelp reviews.

After we get the hang of doing these lunch dates on a regular basis, I’d like to attempt a Date Night In – an idea shared by chef/blogger Ashley Rodriguez where once a week, she and her husband would have an in-home date night by cooking and eating together after the kids went to bed. Love that, and it’s something that would probably fit in well with life these days. You can read more about Ashley’s Date Nights In here. ❤

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