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Lunch at Mitsuwa & adding to the photo books

family eating lunch at Mitsuwa
Mitsuwa was a last minute stop after a morning at the Deerfield farmers market, Whole Foods (no, this is not a normal grocery stop for us, but there was one across the street from the market and I realized I needed something for that night’s dinner…and the 90 degree temps was telling me to get out of the heat and into an air conditioned store) and Barnes & Noble. We had intended to stay at the bookstore for awhile and buy a few things but left empty handed after 10 minutes as The Kid had a meltdown because I wouldn’t let him go up & down the escalators for the 5th time (true story). Anyway, there’s nothing remarkable about this picture, but this is my little community of roommates (minus Giada) so I love it. My friend Chris (no link because she’s my IRL friend, ha ha) once told me that when I look at my kids I should remind myself that “this is the smallest they’ll ever be from here on out.” Sadly, this is also the youngest that my husband & I will ever be from here on out . 😉 Anyway, I came home & immediately added the picture into the family photo book so that I could look back at this in 10-20 years and smile (and pretend that these were not the energy-sucking years, ha ha).


Regarding the family photo book….I’m working on two. One is the annual family photo book and the other one is for The Girl’s first year. I’ve been pretty good about keeping The Girl’s book up to date. Every week, I’ll add pictures and then write about what she’s been up to that week. It’s pretty cool to see how she’s morphed from a little alien (a cute alien, mind you) into the baby goat that she is now (because she loves stuffing paper products into her mouth…yeah) . I have really enjoyed going through her brother’s book from his first year & I’m looking forward to doing the same with hers when the book is complete. But she’s not a year old yet (another few months), so I have time. And I’ll have to pat myself on the back for being consistent with her her book because….

Oh man, the family album… It’s late September and this album is all over the place. There are pictures acting as placeholders for each month, but I don’t actually have a completed month yet, which – at this rate – isn’t good if I’m looking to send this off to Blurb on January 1. Yikes. I’ll try to get the book up-to-date in October, but hey, I have a page spread from September complete:

family photo book layout

Yay! 🙂

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