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London’s Portobello Market

London's portobello market

Confession: Before going, I had never heard of the Portobello Market in London. But I have to say that it is HANDS DOWN the best street market I’ve ever been to.

London Portobello Market
Are you acquainted with this market?

Essentially, Portobello Road has a stretch of stores in Notting Hill, and on Saturdays, there are vendors that pop out on Saturdays to sell different things like antiques, clothes, art and other fun goodies.

antiques at portobello market
These are pretty….I should have bought a set. :-\
London Portobello Market
It rained a bit on the day we were here
London Portobello Market
I bought a green dress at this market that I still wear. (One of my favorite souvenirs from this trip.)

I don’t remember too many street performers, but I do remember stopping for these guys:

Oh, and there’s food too. It’s been three years since I’ve been, so I don’t know if this paella vendor is still there.

paella food stand at portobello market in london
If it is though, I highly recommend the chicken paella. (SO GOOD.)
paella at London's portobello market
I’ll say it again: SO GOOD.
crepes at london's portobello market
And of course, how could we walk past a crepe stand and NOT get one?

Such an amazing place and made me keep saying to myself, I wish we had a market like this back home! (Although it’s possible that I may have said this out loud.)

London's Portobello Market
Hoping to return one day…

On a related note, my London photo book came in last weekend, and I am so happy with it!

Portobello Market as a centerfold 😉 Sexy….

I usually order the hard cover option, but this time, I wanted to see what a soft cover would look like. I have to say I like it A LOT…but I think I might be a hard cover person. Still, the quality is great and flipping through it made me happy. I’ll share more details of the book and its content in the next post.


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