Cinemagraph/Stop Motion

Life around here (in Cinemagraphs)

mom feeding baby with dog nearby cinemagraph
Trying to feed The Girl while she looks on at Giada (who is looking for abandoned food).

GIF of kids at home
The Girl is very much her brother’s #1 fan. So much so that after The Kid is done eating, sometimes he’ll go downstairs and play. The Girl will turn her head to watch him, so sometimes it’s just best to turn her entire chair in his direction while she continues eating and drinking. (It’s her version of Dinner & a Movie.)

cinemagraph of mom and kids at library
At the library trying to hold a squirmy infant while appeasing a toddler.

cinemagraph of kid on sidewalk eating popcorn
Kicking it at the farmers market.

cinemagraph of family eating lunch

cinemagraph of kid taunting dog
Pretty much like this for Giada every day of her life.

afternoon tea cinemagraph
Afternoon tea.

cinemagraph of kid on tablet

What to watch, what to watch….? Tablet Time is – hands down – The Kid’s favorite time of day. It keeps him occupied and quiet. Now that I think about it, it might be my favorite time of day too. 😉

cinemagraph of woman taking picture of dog
With my favorite subject. 😉

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