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Lately: Photo Books I’m Checking Out

photo books
Books that have been inspiring me lately. (That’s Giada in the background. She has been designated the Site Mascot.)

Lately, I’ve been pouring over photo books to find design layout inspiration (and let’s face it, I’m gawking over the photography as well). What I learned early on is to let the photos do most of the talking. These pages seem to support that:

photo books
Let the photos do the talking

When you do need to add text, consider the font style and try to limit the book to 2 to 3 types. (Typography is its own beast, and rightfully so.) I’m keeping all this in mind as I’m working on sorting through the images from my family’s road trip last summer along the Pacific Coast Highway.

PCH photo book (a work in progress)
PCH photo book (a work in progress)

If you want to check out any of the books that have inspired me lately, my guess is that your library would have some or most of these on hand. (You can forgo your gym membership as photo books tend to be large, and it’ll be a nice workout going from the shelves to circulation to your car. But if your infant son is accompanying you to the library, don’t try to balance the books on the handle bar of his stroller. I mean, I’ve never seen this happen or anything….er, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t do it…) Another one worth mentioning but isn’t pictured here: See San Francisco. That book is seriously eye candy galore, especially if you’re already in love with the city. Sigh….

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