Kindness at the grocery store

At the grocery store a few months ago.
At the grocery store a few months ago (aka not related to the following story).

On Saturday, The Girl and I went to the grocery store. When we were done, we went to one of the registers. I pulled into the lane and stood in front of the cart to begin unloading the things in the basket of the cart onto the conveyor belt. As I was about to return to the back of the cart (where The Girl was sitting) to reach the other groceries on the bottom rack of the cart, a man approached the cart and unloaded everything for me. I was so flabbergasted and said, “That was so nice – you must have kids!” He laughed and said that he had two. We chatted a bit while I kept expressing my gratitude. As I was paying, he let someone behind him go ahead of him in line because they had less in their cart.

The world is full of nice, considerate people.

I don’t have any reason for sharing this little story except that 1)I tend to be random; 2)I like positive things and figured that this little space I have on the internet isn’t a bad place to put my positive, random stories; and 3)this would have been too long of a caption to post on Instagram! I’m going to guess there will be more random-and-too-long-for-Instagram posts in the future. 🙂 As always, thanks for reading.

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