Katz’s Deli

Oh man, I don’t know what took so long, but after a million years, we finally found ourselves at Katz’s Deli on a Tuesday afternoon.

Katz's deli

It was a little after 1 o’clock. I didn’t think the crowd was too bad.

Katz deli

What do you think?

Ever since The Kid started traveling with us, the four of us adults (my brother, his wife, The Husband and I) have somewhat figured out how to do the conquer-and-divide thing when eating out. One or two of us will take charge with the ordering, one will deal with The Kid and the last adult (or two) will find tables. This was the first trip with The Girl, so this was a new experience. What ended up happening was that my brother and Jessica ended up going to the counter to put in the order for all of us while The Husband took the kids – and our double stroller!! – and found a table near the back counter. I should have helped him, but I got giddy and ended up standing at the counter with my brother and J. Then, I realized I should order fries to make sure The Kid wasn’t too hungry, so I stepped into another line that had the fries and went to meet my little family at the table. I couldn’t tell if The Husband or The Kid enjoyed the fries more. Whatever the case, I went back to the Fry Line – this time to get drinks, which I forgot to get the first time around. (I ended up going back up a few more times afterwards for more drinks and fries. By the time we finished lunch, the counter guy and I were buddies.)

I got to sit down for a few minutes before my brother & Jessica arrived with the food.

Katz's deli

Well, hello….

Katz's Deli

YUM YUM YUM. So good.

If you were Jessica, you would have gotten this beautiful view with your food (ha ha):
family eating at Katz
(Thanks for the picture, Jessica.)

The Husband and I ended up splitting a pastrami sandwich – we wanted to leave room to try other stuff throughout the city later that afternoon (good decision, by the way). But I tell you, that sandwich was pretty filling even though we split it. The Kid, however, wasn’t too interested in the sandwich as he stuffed his mouth with two huge pickles and most of the fries. He also didn’t seem to care that the employees plopped a long piece of bread on the counter to the left of us and proceeded to make some sort of sandwich:

long sandwich at Katz's

I would totally love to have been at the party the finished sandwich arrived at.

As we were eating, an employee came up to say that The Girl was really cute…like “so cute” that he wanted to “put her in the pastrami pot”. Her reaction to that?


Ha ha ha ha, she definitely was not feeling that.

After we finished our meal, we headed out front to pay the bill only to find that I had to turn around and head to the back (near where we were sitting) since I was paying with a credit card. (If you have cash, you can pay in the front.) No big deal except I wanted to buy shirts for everyone, but they sent me back up front and by the time I headed up there, there was a line. I’ll have to save the Shirt Buying for the next trip. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Outside of Katz

Can’t wait to return! (This lovely picture is two-thirds of our group after lunch. I am not 100% sure, but I’m willing to bet that I was like, “Let’s go wander down this way and see where it takes us!” while everyone was confused because I had mentioned wanting to go to Russ & Daughters earlier….which was in the opposite direction. Welcome to traveling with me. I will say that we came across Rise Coffee on the detour that I somehow accomplished obtaining. My brother was the only one who got coffee. As a result, he was the only one who didn’t have to deal with a Katz Food Coma.)

Random thought #1: I should put these pictures on Instagram, shouldn’t I?

Random thought #2: My brother made a video on our experience at Katz’s. Watch it here.

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