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Kate Middleton Takes Pictures

I heard a few years ago that Kate Middleton had an interest in photography and was working on a family photo project. I don’t remember where I read that but I recall being excited that we had this common interest and was like, I want to go shooting with her one day. (I may have a slight girl crush her….) Still, I don’t think there was any evidence that she was a photography enthusiast since her work – as far as I know – has never been shared with the public.

Until this morning.

Kensington Palace released pictures that Duchess Kate had taken of her daughter Princess Charlotte – and it looks like she’s a great family photographer! So Kate, if you need help on a photo book for Charlotte you know how to find me. (And yes, I’ll go shooting whenever you’d like!) ♥

Princess Charlotte photo book covedr

mockup of Princess Charlotte photo book
Being commissioned to do a photo book for Princess Charlotte? This would definitely be a dream project. [Get in touch, Kate. 😉 ]

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